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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Telling the Truth in Love?


Please read the comment left by my friend at Shiloh Ranch. She articulates very well the questions I ask in this post. I'm going to spend time this evening evaluating my own questions in the only source of Truth - God's Word. I will post my response tomorrow morning or Sunday Afternoon in A New Post... Love you guys and thanks for coming alongside me in this.


Am I missing something?

Please help me out:

I am very troubled over what I see to be a broad movement in the Church - Please prayerfully consider the title of this post and write your comment about how it applies to disagreements of theology and doctrine. I have my thoughts on the subject and what I continually hear on public radio and read on the internet and in print.

Are there boundaries, parameters and limits to the work of Apologetics or are we to passionately
unabashedly espouse our differences without personally speaking to the person with whom we've taken offense?

My troubled heart has grown to overflow in repentance over this very issue and a desire to say more on the subject but only after consulting more of God's Word on the subject?

My questions:

How do we tell the truth in love?

How do we correct a fellow believer in error?

Is there a mandate to address such things in a pulpit fashion - or are we merely being like those we rail against?

Where is the line and have we crossed it?

1 comment:

MyShilohRanch said...

Yes, Michelle, the LORD definitely has a LONG history of setting boundaries, starting, as far as we know, in Genesis 1!

Unfortunately, WE have a long history of crossing those boundaries! And He lovingly, yet strongly and surely brings us back, EVERY time!

There are sure and (often) severe consequences for broaching His set limits; for us, the oceans, the rivers, the planets, every one of His creations. Where IS that line? His Word is a Lamp to our feet and Light to our path.

I have many of the same questions as you, especially the first two. There is a very delicate line, over which can bring offense and division, instead of restoration and unity.

Speaking the Truth: God's Word never returns void! Speaking or giving Scriptures that pertain to a particular Truth, can't miss. Perhaps served up in a special way that only the Holy Spirit direct.

The only thing I am sure of is that HIS Word changes hearts, OUR words can so often get in the way.

I too am hearing and reading lots of OTHER words today which definitely do not edify nor unify!

In love: The tricky part. I think that a person FIRST needs to be secure in knowing that you DO love them, before they CAN receive a personal exhortation from you. Motives obviously play a role here, theirs AND ours!

Jesus never railed on anyone, in public, or otherwise actually. The only exception was the money changers in the temple. That is a whole study in itself.

I cannot wait to read insights from your readers on this subject.

Thanks for posing the questions!