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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Date Night and Leadership Presbytery

A Few Pics...
Scott, my warrior/Knight in cowboy gear!

My stunning outfit...

The Couple headed out for
Dinner at Rockfish,
Presbytery at church,
and Dessert at the Cheesecake Factory.

Putting to work that decorator gift I had called out...
I painted this picture in a couple of hours on Sunday.
It represents Scott's Presbytery in picture.
On Thursday evening last week, our church offered us the opportunity to be blessed, encouraged and called forth according to the giftings and callings God has placed in us both individually and as a couple.

I have recently commented on this blog about how the gift of prophecy is encouraged and presented to the body by the leadership of our home church.

First let me say that we sat in a small room with one other couple and three prophetic team members who offered us words they heard while praying for and asking the Lord about us. We had not ever met any of the five people we shared a room with that night before.

When receiving Presbytery the members are often encouraged to submit the prophetic words to the Lord and only receive what He confirms to us.

Prophetic ministry is administered according to Paul's teachings in 1 Corinthians 14. I pray for two things as I share this with you tonight.

1. That you would glean from the fields the Lord planted for us that night. Pastor Brady Boyd says you can't steal from the Holy Spirit - so if any of the words that follow ring true in your life - take them for yourself.

2. That God's words of encouragement, edification, comfort and exhortation that were spoken to us that night would be made sure - that our calling would be secure and that our submission to His will would bear much fruit.

I pray you are blessed by what you receive.


Michelle, I see you bringing great beauty into people’s lives. It’s like I see you in a barren room, and you have a basket and you are pulling out these beautiful, beautiful objects. Pottery and Glass and Decorations for the windows, but it’s – I have a feeling that people who are lacking in their lives who don’t have that extra, who don’t have that beauty, who haven’t encountered the living God like you have are drawn to you. And, you champion them. You partner with them to show them the richness of what their true inheritance is. Because what you are pulling out isn’t what you’ve bought, it’s what Jesus purchased for them. And, you are helping them know that they know that they know this is really their inheritance. You are not showing them something that is you. You are showing them themselves. And, I just feel Father’s love for you for doing that. You’ve opened people’s eyes to the richness of Christ, to the richness of their Father God, and you delight His heart.

Well, Michelle, this is what I feel like the Lord wants to say to you. I just, what I heard was that you were a wild flower, perfect and beautiful. You dance with delight and I am so pleased. Your heart of worship is pure, true and strong. I smell a sweet fragrance around you when you dance. I just heard, “Dance, dance, dance!” I don’t know if you dance, but maybe He wants you to dance. Worship Me like never before! I want to spend time with you and I want you to know Me.

Hidden things will be revealed and truth is coming to you about your present situation. You have the gift of wisdom. I want to bring clarity and focus to you.

Jeremiah 33:3 “Ask ME and I will tell you some remarkable secrets about what is going to happen here.”

A Wildflower is a flower that can be hidden on a hill only for My eyes or it can be for the pleasure of any man. That’s how I have made you. You minister to Me, but you also minister to others. You are soft and sweet and you draw people to you.

You know how to navigate people with ease and grace. They are comfortable in your presence and because of this trust they come to you for wisdom and counsel. Speak MY words and speak them often. I have made you to be an encourager and I want you to look for every opportunity to share. It doesn’t have to be heavy, just be available. A word here, a word there, and opportunities will present themselves in ways that will astound.

People just want to be loved. These are hard time. You bring refreshing. Do as I ask and you will develop the gifts within. You are a jewel in my crown!

Michelle, when I prayed for you the first two words that came so clearly were that you are gifted and that you’re treasured. And, the Scripture was in Matthew 6:21 where it says, “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”(AMP) And I really feel like what the Lord said to me was You are…Because you have…You know where your treasure is. You know where your heart is. You have chosen to plant your heart in Him, and He sees you as a treasure. He sees you as just a very, very precious thing to be cherished, and He does cherish you.

Um… I felt like the Lord said you’ve had great brokenness in your life. Great Brokenness. He took me to Isaiah 61 about beauty for ashes. And, the Lord has been systematically over the last (however long) He has been giving you beauty for those ashes. And what He’s calling you to now is what it says in Isaiah, to bind up the brokenhearted. He’s sending you back! Sometimes it’s going to feel like you’ve gone backwards in your brokenness, you haven’t. You’re whole. You’re healed. But He’s sending you back to that point because there are other people who are broken and they need to be brought back to where you are. They need to be brought forward, that’s what I feel like the Lord’s really calling you to.
Um… The Lord says you are a declarer of good tidings, of glad tidings. You’re like those angels that come in and say, “Holy is the Lord.” You know, “Praise to Him.” You are that kind of a person. And, He’s going to give you more opportunities to share those glad tidings to lift people up. You’re going to turn people into optimists. You’re going to help them see the goodness of the Lord.

I felt like the Lord said you have a mothering spirit. That you are a good mom. You are a special mom. And, that you are a champion of families. And, that you are a champion of your own family. And you have done really, really well at championing your family. And, you’ve changed your family line. From here on out it’s different because of the lines in the sand you’ve drawn. And the Lord just wants to commend you for that. And the song I keep hearing, I don’t usually hear songs so that’s interesting, is that Beatles song, “Michelle, my belle…” And the Lord just said that you are the Love of His Life and the Apple of His Eye, and He just wants you to remember that.

(And As A Couple)

Well, Scott I feel like what the Lord wants to say to you… And, I just felt this so strongly… I just felt like the Lord say that you are a warrior. He is like David, fearless in battle. He can take out the lion or the bear.

So, I went to 1 Samuel. He led me to 1 Samuel 17:34-37 “I have been taking care of my father’s sheep. When a lion or a bear comes to steal a lamb from the flock, I go after it with a club and take the lamb from its mouth. If the animal turns on me, I catch it by the jaw and club it to death. I have done this to both lions and bears and I’ll do it to this pagan Philistine, too, for he has defied the armies of the living God. The Lord who saved me from the claws of the lion and the bear will save me from this Philistine!”

Scott is fearless. He has a heart to shepherd and protect my people. He leads with compassion and strength. You have a real heart of courage. You are a healer and deliver. I mean just a real leader.

Um… I heard the Lord say Lead My People! Stand Strong! I’ve made you to be bold as a lion! And the verse, the Scripture that goes with that is Proverbs 28:1.
“THE WICKED flee when no man pursues them, but the [uncompromisingly] righteous are bold as a lion.” Proverbs 28:1 (AMP)

Um… Don’t shrink back! Move Forward! Always charge the battle, the victory is yours. Don’t stop to look at the enemy but press ahead.

I went, I then felt led to go to 2 Samuel 6:17-21. After David was anointed King, He came to seek God’s face before fighting the Philistines. He asked the Lord if he was to fight them and if he would win. The Lord said, Yes, I will certainly give you the victory. David went on to defeat the Philistines and he named the place Baal-Perazim (which means the Lord who bursts through).
“17 Now when the Philistines heard that they had anointed David king over Israel, all the Philistines went up to search for David. And David heard of it and went down to the stronghold. 18 The Philistines also went and deployed themselves in the Valley of Rephaim. 19 So David inquired of the LORD, saying, "Shall I go up against the Philistines? Will You deliver them into my hand?" And the LORD said to David, "Go up, for I will doubtless deliver the Philistines into your hand." 20 So David went to Baal Perazim, and David defeated them there; and he said, "The LORD has broken through my enemies before me, like a breakthrough of water." Therefore he called the name of that place Baal Perazim. 21 And they left their images there, and David and his men carried them away.” 2 Samuel 5:17-21 (NKJV)

I just felt like that you charge the enemy. You believe what God has to say. There is no turning to the left or the right. You are pushing through, you are breaking through, and you are going on to victory. Nothing else will do.

David had many battles and many victories. I am with you just as I was with David. David knew his God. Know Me! Memorize My Word. It will carry you through the tough times to victory. Spend time in My presence with worship. You’re a man after God’s own heart!

(COUPLE) And, I just believe that because of the worship between the two of you, I think God’s hand of protection is upon you. And, I believe you walk in unity. And that is where, Psalm 133 is where because of the unity the oil was poured on Aaron and ran down the beard and because of the unity God commanded a blessing from the throne room. And, I just believe that God will command a blessing from you because you spend time, you worship Him, you know Him. And, I just believe breakthrough is coming.

Psalm 133
1 A Song of Ascents. Of David.
BEHOLD, HOW good and how pleasant
it is for brethren
to dwell together in unity!
2 It is like the precious ointment
poured on the head,
that ran down on the beard,
even the beard of Aaron
[the first high priest],
that came down upon the collar
and skirts of his garments
[consecrating the whole body].
3 It is like the dew of [lofty]
Mount Hermon and the dew
that comes on the hills of Zion;
for there the Lord
has commanded the blessing,
even life forevermore
[upon the high and the lowly].
Psalms 133:1-3 (AMP)

Scott, I see you dressed like a lumberjack with a huge double-bladed ax. And there are people around you who are trapped. It’s like brambles have grown up, thorns have grown up and trapped them. And, you’re able to go in and clear cut that, and free them. You are a… And, you had no regard for yourself. These are things that could easily attack you. You had… It didn’t matter. All you could see were the people who were captured, and had been taken captive by the enemy. And, you had a plan and you had ability because you knew your God was with you. And, I see you just swinging that double-bladed ax and the things that had captured them just falling off and bringing them forth.

(COUPLE) And, I see you together as a team. As I see you (Scott) bringing forth those that are captured, I see you (Michelle) furnishing the things they’ve never had. And there is just like this open field full of flowers where there were just thorns and thistles before. And, there is a great strength that comes between the two of you being together, and being who you are.

And, the Lord respects you, Scott, for the stand you’ve taken. You didn’t see this growing up, but with eyes of faith you’ve been able to see what your Father’s wanted you to do. And, He admires you, and respects you for the walk you’ve chosen to do with Him.

Scott, I also heard that you’re a warrior. And, um…What I heard the Lord say was Stand Tall. Root yourself on the front lines and don’t move. I’ve given everything over into your hands. And, I really felt very strongly that the Lord was just saying that sometimes there is definite temptation to retreat, but you don’t have a reason to. You only need to retreat if you are losing, and you’re not losing. And, you’re not going to lose. And, so, that fear doesn’t need to be there. You can just give that fear over to the Lord, and let it go because there isn’t a reason to fear. You’ve already won. And, now it’s just a matter of carrying out the rest of the battle.

Um… the Lord said you have such a heart of tenderness and compassion. And, that is interesting because it seems like that is the juxtaposition of a warrior. Warriors are thought to be so strong and tough and hard. And, yet inside you have such tenderness and compassion. You know what you are fighting for, and the Lord really wants to commend you for that because that’s so important that you’re heart has stayed tender. It’s stayed tender to Him, it’s stayed tender to people.

The Lord said that you are a faithful friend. And, that’s going to come into play more and more because there are some important and significant friendships that are coming your way. And they’re not only going to help to advance the plans and the calling of what the Lord’s doing in your life – what He’s calling you to do. But, they’re also going to minister to you. They are going to give back some of the things that you’re giving out. And the Lord is wanting you… It’s going to be a good season. It’s going to be a very good season so treasure those relationships.

Um…And, I felt like the Lord said you have a prophetic gift. I don’t know if it is something that is active right now or if it is something that is coming, but I felt like the Lord said you’re a Seer. That He’s going to be showing you things in the future, and He’s going to be showing you the people and the places where you’re going to be assigned. And, I felt like it was going to be in the marketplace. That you have a calling to the marketplace. And you’re going to be assigned and charged with taking the church into the world. And there are going to be some very significant strides that you make in the world. That you are going to show people who don’t know otherwise that church is not a building. Church is what God does in your heart. That that’s what’s important.

So… I just want to encourage you that the Lord has very significant things for you. Very significant, very important things that He’s going to call you to do. And, um… You have a good wife by your side who going to support you. And, um… the Lord’s already placed in you what you need to be able to do this. It’s all there.


Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus, Lord God we love you and we thank you. We just give you praise. Lord I just thank you for the heart of courage you have placed within this man. Lord, I thank you that he is out there, that he is a warrior, that he is fighting battles, that he is looking out for Your people that you’ve called him to be a shepherd. Father, I thank you that He has no fear. And, that he charges the enemy and the enemy just doesn’t get away with anything. Lord, I ask that You strengthen him and give him courage. And, Lord, just let him always see… let him see in the natural what’s in the supernatural. Father, I just ask that You stir up those gifts within him, and just give him the opportunities and the open doors. I thank You that You are Baal-Perazim, You are the Lord of breakthrough. And, that you are breaking through.

And God, I thank You so much for Michelle. I thank You for her heart of worship. And, I thank You that she draws people, that she refreshes that she brings encouragement. And Father we just praise You, I thank You that You’re going to show her those great and mighty things that she does not know. That You are bringing her into clarity and focus and revelation. Father, they’re a good team, and I ask that You protect their marriage. Just put a wall of fire around them.

Father I just thank You so much that as a couple they stand before Your throne and raise their hands in praise to who You are. Father, we can see a man and a woman but you see a Diety – You see them together – you see them portraying Jesus and the Church. And, that love that pours forth from them draws many to them. Father, I thank You for both of them and You stir up the gifts of prophecy and whatever means You have for them. Father I just have a sense that it is very deep and very strong in both Scott and Michelle. And that Father you are bringing them into a new season of being exactly who You intend them to be in the body. That the prophecy will pour forth from them to those who are hurt, who are lame, who are dying and will bring them encouragement, comfort, deliverance and freedom. Father, I just thank You that You are their provisioner that everything they need for life and godliness You provide for them. And, Father we just thank You that You pour Your blessing on them because they are so dear to Your heart. You cherish who they are, and Father we just thank You for the gift they are to the body.

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