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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Have you ever...

Have you ever been overwhelmed by the presence of God so strong upon you that your heart began to worship with words you'd never sang before?

It happened to me...

I started shaking the bookshelves and dislodging a few old faithful study partners from their places today. The covers were cracked open, and splayed across my bed. I sat there in that comfy spot and weighed the rhema and logos of His Word once again. I was scribbling references and greek notations as fast as my pen would move.

The feeling was familiar.

The moment palpable.

I felt His heart open wide before me.

I was in His presence.

Then, just a few minutes ago I sat down at this laptop and blew the dust off the keys with my heart rejoicing over a fire ignited in my Spirit to dig into God's Word as I once did before life just seemed to take over last year around this time.

I was about to begin an in-depth study of some Scriptures shared at our Freedom Team training this morning when I began to just sing from the depths of my soul. The following was what resonated in my heart:

come Lord Jesus, come and ransom
come and pardon this sinner’s plea

come Lord Jesus, come and rescue
come and set this captive free

come Lord Jesus, come and heal me,
come and open my eyes to see

come Lord Jesus, take my burden
come and set Your yoke on me

come Lord Jesus, Glory Rising
call Your people, set them free

come Lord Jesus, we are waiting
beckon us to sit with thee

yes, my burden is heavy…
yes, my heart is weary…
but, come Lord Jesus, sit beside me
my soul rejoices in thee

come Lord Jesus, I am waiting
to spend more time with thee

come Lord Jesus, I receive thee
send Your Spirit to live in me
(C) Michelle Newsom Bentham, January 17, 2010

Have you ever?


MichelleT said...

Love it, Love it, Love it!!!! Makes me want to just sit at His feet.

MyShilohRanch said...

YES, YES, YES!!!!! There is NOTHING like it on this earth!! You describe a perfect word picture ... and the words the LORD gave you are BEAUTIFUL! Bless His heart ... and yours! Is there a tune or melody to go with it? I can almost "hear" it when I read the words. Too bad I can't carry a tune, even in a bucket. God is doing a new work in you, isn't He?
Love in Him my Sister