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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Life Forevermore....

Today I'm on the road to East Texas for the bridal shore of the future Mrs. Daniel Soeder. It is an afternoon with my "In-Loves".

Stephanie is the daughter of Scott's cousin on his Mom's side. Her mother, Francine, is Travis' God-mother. We became fast friends while Scott and I were dating. We used to go out and visit there place out in Bridget with the kids.

Scott and the boys would hunt and enjoy their horses while I got to know Fran and the girls. We attended church and socialist. Made gingerbread houSes and generally had a good time just being family.

It is hard to believe our kids are grown enough to even consider marriage. I painted a picture for the occasion.

I'll check in later. Signing off from East Texas with the in loves.

1 comment:

MyShilohRanch said...

I love your "in-loves" expression. Going to post your painting? Hope so!

Lots of my loved ones are in Texas this very weekend. Several live there ... the others visiting for a wedding too (not the same one..shucks).

Am jealous, in a good way. Perhaps next year, if the Lord is willing, I will get to go ... or later this year would be fine!

May God continue to bless your coming in and your going out.