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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My Family

I am so delighted to be the Auntie to two precious girls and two bustling boys. The picture from my profile is me with my little Eva Grace - she is a delight at four and such a hoot! Her little brother is Bennett Noah, we just call him Ben. He is just over a year and a robust little boy who is delightfully sensitive and has eyes that will just melt your heart. His birthday was just the week before Christmas and he had such a time opening presents. He was so exicted he could barely stand himself. He made the most delightful sucking sound as he would open a package and find a lighted, singing Fisher Price something or other inside. He opened every present himself. He also loves birthday cake, most especially the candle - which gave him fits because his mother would not let him grab it while we sang him "Happy Birthday." Eva danced and pranced around. She and Ben helped their Daddy decorate the tree for Christmas and I was so taken with how when I arrived Eva brought me the Christmas story book about Jesus to read to her. She also ran to me twice and made my nephew, William, snap our pictures.

These two little ones belong to my brother Jef and his wife Aimee. He is my older-younger brother as I am the eldest of three. My younger brother, Scott, and his wife Stephanie live in Red Oak. Steph is a doctor at Parkland Hospital and this has given me many opportunities to have her precious children over to our home for a visit. Her schedule coupled with my brother's around the holidays gives us time to spend with "baptist" pallets on the floor and "Snowman Soup" and Christmas cookies in the kitchen. Alex is just over 10 years old, and William is a very busy 7 going on 8 years old. They both stayed with us over Thanksgiving break both this year and last, and they stayed with us on Christmas night as well. I enjoy having all the kids around - they bring me such joy. William is a video game expert and Alex is all most 11 going on 35. Eva Grace got to have her "sleepover" at Aunt Michelle's - which was my honor and delight. She has not stayed over with anyone in our family to date, so having her stay with us was a real treat! She was so precious as she asked to have a "sleepover." We fixed her pretty mermaid dolls hair a thousand times and watched every kids show on PBS. She exclaimed as each new program came on, "That's my favorite." Just before bed time she complained her tummy hurt so I called her dad to see what I should do. She said, "Okay, you can call him... But, I don't want to go home." She did not go home until early afternoon the next day and I am so blessed to have had the time with her.

Last year, Alex and William spent more than a week with us and we made huge frosted sugar cookies in all shapes and sizes and they helped me put together gift tins full of our tasty treats with little bags of ingredients to make my favorite Hot Chocolate - "Snowman Soup."

Snowman Soup is so easy - you mix one pouch of hot cocoa mix with a handful of marshmallows, two or three Hershey's chocolate kisses and a peppermint stick to stir. It is rich, minty and it warms your insides so much you feel like you might glow. My girls and I have it every year as a holiday tradition. I had it twice this year - perhaps becasue I knew I would be fasting by this tme of the post holiday season.

Anywho... it is late and I want to read some before I go to bed. Check out my book list to the left - a lot of good reads there. Have a blessed evening and may the Lord always make His face to shine upon you. Goodnight!

December 15, 2007 - Bennett's Birthday

Grandma & Grandpa w/ Eva and Ben (L), Eva helping Dad with Tree (C), Ben getting in on the act (bottom)

Newsom Family Christmas - At our house December 25th

Taylor Laine (L), Eva Grace and Grandma (My Mom) (center and bottom)

Grandpa (My Dad) and Ben (L), Ben opening Brittany's Noisy Gift - "Elmo Driving School" (Center and Bottom)

Alex and Eva Grace (L), Our boy Will (center), and my step-daughter, Miss Megan (Bottom)

Taylor, Eva & Britt (L), Grandma and Alex (C), Brittany Ann and our Adopted Child, her boyfriend, Colten (Bottom)

Travis, my step-son (L) and my husband (his father) Scott (R)


jennyhope said...

I came to your blog from Twinkles. I saw where you lost your son. I AM SO SORRY. My heart just breaks over that. I am so sorry.

HIS daughter said...

I loved the pictures of your family, Michelle! What a beautiful group you are blessed with!

I'm supposed to be doing some work here at my desk but I started reading about your oldest son and my heart ached for you and for what happened! I am so very sorry!

So many of us have either lost "that same boy" or wrestle with the fear that we will. Mine is 21 years old and has so many similarites.

May GOD grant us peace in the decisions that are made over their lives and know that HE is in control even when we do not understand.

I just found out on my blog where you asked me about prayer and fasting.

Yes, I am being called by HIM to do this and it has to be not anything whatsoever to do with "turning it into a quickstart diet".

I need guidance and I also need to intercede on behalf of loved ones and I know I need to be totally focused on HIM alone and our time.

Ask me anything you want and no, I will never think you are nosy!

Blessings and Prayers,