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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Blog Friends Forever!!!

BLOG FRIENDS FOREVER! Well, I must admit this is an interesting idea that I borrowed from Twinkle... She is an old friend to me, and a blog friend forever. I first met Twinkle and her Georgia charm and love of gardening in the Lifeway Forums. She is a gentle encourager and a contagious exhorter - She is a Titus 2 woman if I ever met one and she is such a loving, wise soul. Her spirit is tender to all women and she is discerning to the end. I am blessed to know her, honored to call her friend. Oh, and she has titled my link... "Michelle the Writer."
Then there is Mrs. Bev... A local siesta to me, a friend and a dear sweet soul who loves the Lord and only wants to walk with others as she seeks Him with all her heart. She is a leader and she is a worshipper at heart. Her words are precious and dripping with encouragement - she is so caring - she will listen to your most difficult story and make you laugh out loud in response. It is just her contagious enthusiasm for life that keeps you coming back for more.
Elise, sweet Elise. This soul sister, also from the Lifeway Forums, walked with me through the difficult last months of Justin's life... She was a heart tender to my circumstance and we were sisters from the moments our words penetrated one another's heart. We were two mothers desperate to save our sons... we prayed, shared our hearts, our anguish and our laughter together. Kindred hearts from the start.
Teri... Teri's heart is tender to all God wants to do in her life, she is precious and seeking Him at every turn. She seeks Him in every cirucmstance and trusts Him to carry her through - she is a Titus 2 woman... the kind being raised up to walk someone else along life's difficult roads. She is a joy and a blessing - I just love her ... love her.
What more could I say about these wonderful ladies... except God is a good God and He draws our hearts together - sometimes we are iron to sharpen iron and other times we are like Barnabas - encouragers and those who help to carry those we love through every circumstance in our lives... through joy and pain - love and laughter... through whatever life brings - a friend loves at all times and a friend will stick closer than a brother.
God's Word tells us that a cord of three strands is not easily broken. When the cross stands between us we do not fall into the entanglements of life, but walk together with a cord of three strands... so that when falls down the other can help them up.
Be Blessed and tag your BFF's with this fun award!


twinkle said...

I hope you can see me as I bow. I accept this true honor in the name of Christ. He has made the difference in my life and everything you have spoken about me belongs only to Him for honor and glory! He is so awesome!

HIS daughter said...

So precious!! Thank you so much, Michelle!
All the glory and honor goes to HIM because HE gives me every ounce of anything that is kind or good in me.
Without HIM I am a trainwreck! I never, ever, want to go down that horrible track again!
Love you too.
p.s. Is that your church that is doing the pink impact?
...Back to homework...we did catherizations today...tough!

NANCY said...

There is nothing like a good and godly friend. Thank you for sharing!
In Him,