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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bible Study: The Names of God... Pre-empted until April 2nd.

Sorry to be so late getting this update out.... However, I am busy helping prepare for a conference at church - expecting around 1700 women for a three day event! YIPPEE! The time commitment however has become a bit overwhelming. I will need to delay my work on the Names of God study until I have more time to devote to it. I hope you will all hang in there with me and come back as we study again in the MONTH of April all the wonderful characteristics and qualities of our God through the study of the Hebrew Names that were ascribed to Him.

Be blessed dear friends. I am doubly so. All I ask for is prayer!

Blessings and love,


Anonymous said...

Shalom Michelle, I hope you are in the midst of blessings and the power of the Holy Spirit up there in FW. Whose at the conference you're setting up for? Nancy Leigh DeMoss was just here but I was NOT...ABLE...TO...attend. I was in bad shape. An old thorn in my side came back to remind me why I am still miffed about those who are allowed to drink & drive - then hit and run - and go unpunished.

Nada. Nothing. No fines. No penalties. No jail time. Nothing.

His 23 year old body is still walking around as though there ain't no tomorrow. As for me? Mine is broken into too many pieces on the inside to ever be "normal" again.

Career has come to a screeching halt. Pain is chronic and debilitating some days.

And this darned forgiveness thing is out to eat my lunch. It will kill me if I don't kill it first! that off my chest. Thanks for listening. I haven't been here because I haven't been able to sit at my computer for being laid up the past few weeks. So I couldn't answer your comment nor even come see your books. I'm going to have a look, however.

I have a little song I nabbed from YouTube for you, my friend. You may have heard it already as it's the aleph-bet song for kids as sung by Debbie Friedman. I've always loved this song and I learned the Hebrew aleph-bet this way. It you haven't done so yet, come on over and watch it.

Warning: you'll have that song stuck in your head all day - but you'll know those letters VERY well!

Anonymous said...

Okay...found my answer about your conference. Pink Impact. Almost sounds like a lipstick line for Mary Kay. :)

Sounds like it will be wonderful. Didn't know you were a member of Gateway. We have a rather "new" Gateway campus just around the corner from me and it's HUGE! I had no clue it was UMC! Got a BIL who is music minister for one of our UMC churches who reports that this one is UMC (don't know about your end of town so am wondering...)

Not traditional UMC - but I like that. I'm not a denominational Christian. I'm Christian.

Chonda Pierce puts it this way:
"I cannot please an encyclopedia full of denominations; all I need is to please my God."

Hey, now THERE'S somebody who would be fun at a Pink Impact Conference - Chonda Pierce! I love that lady's funny stuff.

Julie said...

If you know of anyone who is interested my mom made cross stitch graph for the names of God and their meaning. She did it after Kay Arthur's Bible study on the names of God when we were living in Chattanooga and sells them at Precept Ministries.
If you know of anyone who would love to cross stitch the names, my mom can put them in touch with where to get a graph or kit. The kit includes cloth, the graph, and the cross stitch thread needed. It really is a beautiful piece of work.

I have loved the times I have studied the names of God. Have you ever read Hannah Whitall Smith's book "The God of All Comfort"? She, along with Andrew Murray, is one of my favorite authors to read. She wrote this book in the late 1800's and it is an awesome book on the character of God.


Jessica said...


I did the Kay Arthur study and I would love to see the cross stitch that your mom did as well as do one for my self. Where can I get the graph?


Michelle Bentham said...


I will email Julie and let her know you are looking for the information. I am praying you are blessed tremendously by it.

Thanks for stopping in... Blessings.

Julie said...

Hey Michelle,
I am writing this comment for Jessica. Jessica, If you are still looking for the Names of God cross stitch post, visit me at my blog and leave your email address and I will forward it to my mom and have her contact you.

The web address for my blog is:


Jessica said...

Michelle and Julie,

Thanks so much for your help! Many times and in many places I have written down the Names of God only to have to go and search them out again. I would love to be able to have them up on a wall where I can view them regularly. Julie, I hope I entered my email address correctly on your blog? Looking forward to hearing from you!

God bless you both,