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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Just a quick note...

As I run back to the bedroom to watch yet another HD movie on our new television and cable channels. This is my lazy day this week as my gift preparations are all DONE! Can you believe in a little less than 3 weeks my team of WONDERFUL WOMEN have finished prepping nearly 5,500 gifts to be distributed this week! Did I already say they are done... Praise God and thank you Jesus! Oh Yes, I really DID! I mean seriously! These women came in yesterday and in less than 8 hours sorted, assembled and tied with tulle sets of notecards (8 to a set) to the tune of 1750... total! I. WAS. BESIDE. MYSELF. AT. 4:10 PM. When the last box was folded closed, marked and stacked for the gentleman from facilities to come and store! I could only look around and marvel, and thank and praise! They even finished up the tedious few loose ends I had left to do myself! I was over the moon happy - probably glowing when my hubby pulled up to pick me up - I wasn't even tired.

Okay... seriously - our ministry team needs prayer this weekend. They are fully expecting to sell out (1,750) registrations and to over sell - meaning they will discount registrations until their is no room in overflow except the women who buy the after sell-out registrations will not recieve the gifts. :o(

However, the idea, generally of nearly 2,000 women at this event for 3 days is a little overwhelming. One of our key team members has been down with pneumonia and is unable to fulfill her duties since her doctor has her at home for fear she will get sick again. She was pivotal for our church groups coming in as the church hostess coordinator. It could prove challenging, but I am sure God will iron out the details. He has known this day was coming for a while. Just pray for God to move the heart of every woman with grace and love and that they would feel His hand upon them and receive a Word from Him directly to their lives. Pray for my gift distribution details to work out... I know they will, but prayer coverage and agreement is never a bad thing. NOT EVER!

Okay... I am done with my quick - long-winded- post... See you guys on the other side of PINK!

Back to my movies... My daughter laughingly said I may never come out of my room again, but that is just not true. I have to be checking in with my blog sistas every now and again and I have much rewriting to do on several Bible lessons that have been on the books for a while now... and OH. YES. THE NAMES OF GOD WILL BE BACK NEXT WEEK! Fresh and full of Holy Fire I am praying!

Amen? Amen... love ya'll and have a blessed week!


luvmy4sons said...

I could just catch your enthusiasm reading the post. I pray all goes well and God pours forth His blessings on this event! That is so GREAT!

luvmy4sons said...

I could catch your enthusiasm as I read your post. I pray all goes well and that God pours forth His blessings upon the event. Taht is so GREAT!

twinkle said...

I know you are beat! Isn't Teresa a sweetheart?!? I'm so glad you two got to meet each other. One day...we will all get to meet each other and that will be such a sweet fellowship.
And I know how you felt doing communion with your man. It is unlike any other time I've done communion. I like corporate communion as the body of Christ. But when you share it with your can experience all the emotions. Love and blessings to you. Get rested up!

HIS daughter said...

Thanks Michelle for always having a timely word of encouragement!

Praying for your Pink Impact!!

GOD will show up big in the lives of HIS daughters who seek HIM!!

Love and prayers,