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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Oh Boy! Oh No! Oh Boy!

Last Sunday I met with my ministry placement coach, and on Thursday I attended my first Writer's Critique Group meeting... as I sit here today tapping out words on this keyboard, I find myself asking - "Can this really be happening to me?"
In my heart of hearts I can see myself sitting at the feet of Jesus and I find Him smiling down on me. Please pray... When I got the email this week from my ministry placement coach I was so excited at her report, however, I was also immediately taken with the work that would come with the privilege and I could barely stand myself. It was 5:30 AM and I was reading it aloud to my husband when I said, "Oh yes... Do you know what this means?" Then the lightbulb of responsibility came on and I said, "Oh no!" My husband turned to me and said "Is that good or bad?"
I exhaled a shaky sigh, resigning myself to the journey with God where ever He leads and said, "No....No... It's good, I just realized that I am soon going to be on a time table... and that is a scary thing!"
I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO GIVES ME STRENGTH! (and courage, and wisdom, and perserverance, and truth, and whew! He is my everything!)
Please Pray!

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twinkle said...

Michelle, I think I lost your comment on my post this morning. I deleted the post and re-formatted. Then I saw where you left a comment and it just won't post. I'm so sorry! Please come back and visit!

And you are going to do great with your calling. Just do it! Just sit down and do it! After all, it is Christ in us...not us AT all~