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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Is it just me or ....?

A Graduation Celebration!
Okay, is it obvious to anyone else besides me that the enemy has been working overtime the last few weeks! Especially considering that the week I would write my Names of God post about "Yaweh Rophe" I would get sick with the creeping crud that I can't really get rid of... still!
Not to mention that I have been miserable this week and facing "demons" of my own misery and making I might add. Then the storm last night... and well, I am just going to say that God gave me a ray of hope in the midst of all this yucky stuff! A beautiful delicate rose in full bloom right in in my own flower garden and a beautiful, breezy warm Texas Spring day this afternoon.
We made out the invitations for my oldest girl's graduation party and I mailed out about 40 of them this afternoon. Pray for God to bring just the right number of people since we are having it at our house and 40 invites = somewhere between 100 and 150 people! Crazy how that works!
I can hardly believe that my Brittany Bear is about to experience High School Graduation! But, alas, here we are already! Where on earth does the time go? It kind of makes me think of how a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years like a day for God. As a child, time could not pass fast enough. I remember counting off the days thinking I would never make it to summer much less adulthood - it seemed like forever growing up. Then, all of a sudden, I have responsibility, children, marriage, life and adulthood in all its glory... each month I find myself asking is it the first again already? I just paid the rent yesterday! Hard to believe a lifetime of childhood has passed before me and now it is time to release her into the world of independent adulthood! BITTERSWEET, Yes, oh yes, it is! I love being a mom and especially to my two wonderful girls. I am so blessed. Onward... College, Career, Wedding and Grandchildren are just over the horizon... I am looking forward to a new season as my nest grows empty and my life changes seasons one more time!
GLORY! You are so glorious my God, and I do love you so! Give me peace and joy during this grand adventure and this sometimes sweet mingled with remeniscent sadness over the years gone by! How I ponder the greatness of your glory as it is manifested in her life!
Blessings sweet friends. I will post about a new name of God next week - sorry for my delay and absence... I press on!


luvmy4sons said...

Congratulations to your daughter and you! I SO understand. I graduate my eldest son this year as well from our home school. THEN he is off to Pepperdine college clear out in California. Seems so far away from back here in Ohio. Glad you are back and feeling better. Hope the celebration goes well. Congratulations again!

The Preacher's Wife said...

Awww...Graduation!! I don't envy you one bit. What a special time that I hope you enjoy every second of!

Thanks for visiting my blog..I know nothing of elephant ears but if someone answers I'll alert you! ;)