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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tag You're It! A MEME

Pass it on... Pass it on...

I’ve been working on grief curriculum as noted these past couple of weeks and was taking a break when I saw this meme over at BooMama's and thought I’d play along.

Since research or writing can be intense... I decided to join in.

What were you doing 10 years ago?
Well, ten years ago we were on the verge of marriage - My hubby and I were a month away from a weddin' and I was making decorations, shopping for cute little gingham dresses for our three girls and living my dream in our brand new "manufactured home" on an acre of land in Justin, TX. This was our pre-church and his pre-God stage... but The Lord has done mighty things for us and we are so glad. (Psalm 126) (P. S. Ya'll - I hand drew my wedding invitations - all 35 of them and my thank you cards, too... I wrote out the lettering and everything...) Pinch a penny, save a dime!

Back then I had visions of being a published writer dancing in my head - posted regularly on a Writer's BBS forum and had a 486 word piece called "Dear John" published in an e-zine called "Fish Eggs for the Soul." I got paid $5.00 for the effort - in the form of a personal check from the e-zine owner. And that was pretty much the extent of my writing career --- until I took up bloggin' of course.

I had no idea what in-depth Bible study was and that God could be up close and personal in my life. And, my husband's most famous comment about God from this season of our lives was, "The closest I ever came to God was 'You turn left at the church on the corner to get to my house!'" I went into full, immature Christian woman meltdown crying out - "God PLEASE SAVE MY HUSBAND, and Use ME To Do IT!" Yeah right!

Thank the Lord a couple of years later we found a Bible-teaching church that walked with us through the salvations of my husband and most of our children... and walked me right on into spiritual maturity, minsitry and a love for the Lord that just wells in me every single day.

Am I rambling along... Oh, yes - NEXT!

Favorite Snacks
Truthfully, POPCORN...
Coca Cola - Rt. 44 from Sonic and it is better during Happy Hour!
a scoop of peanut butter
Thin Mints
Dairy Queen Ice Cream
Pringles Potato Chips

To-Do List
(I don't really EVER get this organized, but if I had one it might look something like this...)

1. Pray as I hit the snooze for the beginning of my day.
2. Give notice to storage --- 30 days and we are out of there baby! Because, well the new owner's made me mad... and we only have five boxes and one dresser in the dern thing... I can squeeze it in somewhere around the house.
3. Spend some time reading email, bloggin' and readin' and checkin' in at the forums... (I should have gone to work out here, but got lost in the email.) Read from my computer Bible and post some insights somewhere on the internet...
4. Research and writing for Grief Curriculum - "Only nine more sessions to write!"
5. Take youngest daughter to work.
6. Take oldest daughter to Wal-Mart
8. Stop by Subway so oldest can by her a lunch.
9. Stop by Sonic for a Coke because, well, IT IS HAPPY HOUR! We had to wait one minute in the stall to get a half price drink.
10. Return home. Eat Lunch... yes that late and with no breakfast... I know, I know....
11. Pick Up youngest daughter from work.
12. Return home, answer emails and watch oldest daughter make Macaroni and Cheese.
13. Take oldest daughter to work.
14. Stop and get gas.
15. Take youngest daughter to Lifeway to buy her friend a Bible.
16. On the way to Lifeway, realize we are near the hospital where our friend Sarah just had her baby and so we stopped by to ooh, aaah, cuddle and coo at the most adorable baby I've seen in months. He is a peach!
17. Go to Lifeway.
18. Return to oldest daughter's work, and pick up her debit card.
19. Go to Sonic to buy oldest daughter a Rt. 44 Sweet Iced Tea... and me another Coke... not my usual MO.
20. Drop Youngest Daughter at oldest daughter's work with the drinks and debit card.
21. Return home to cook dinner. (Delicious, No Kidding I baked chicken breasts and sliced them up and stuck them in a pre-cooked batch of Betty Crocker Chicken Helper, creamy style... and it was so good - I thought I was in HEAVEN)!
22. Field a call from my friend Mary - who has been on the phone with me three or four times today.
23. Eat dinner while Mary drives to my house, and then review session three of the grief curriculum I've been working on with Mary while my youngest daughter walks through the front door with her best friend...
24. Oooh and Aaah over the new Apologetics Bible my daughter bought for herself and the precious leather Bible she bought for her friend... view her otherwise unmentionable purchase from Wal-Mart.
25. Bid Mary farewell and laugh at a text message my daughter and her best friend send me of the movie they are watching - "DROP DEAD FRED!"
26. Laugh at myself and now I am writing this meme... WHEW! IS IT TIME TO SAY GOODNIGHT YET! I'm a bit worn out! Oh, and now I have time to do my Bible study lesson for NOG and read some of that precious Word from my NKJV Bible... I love Him so...

So now... TAG - YOU CAN BE IT!


HIS Daughter said...

Michelle! GOD is so AWESOME!!!
I was looking for you the other night before I left my computer!

Now, here you pop in at my blog!
I wanted to find the forum that you are doing at Lifeway and I couldn't find it, so I tiredly gave up.

Now, out of the blue, once again as before, you show up. I know you are busy, but if you get a chance send me a link to you guys!
Are you still at the old e-mail address?

So many things I need to tell you and some minor things to ask you.

GOD is so using YOU!!! You look beautiful by the way!

Blessings and Love to one of my very first Siestas,

twinkle said...

Hi, friend! Read your comment on my blog and just wanted to let you know I am doing the NOGS and loving it. Thinking about the excitement we are going to have in a few weeks in San Antonio, too! Don't know what time we'll actually arrive...we're flying in and I think our flight arrives around 10 that Friday morning. Never know with flights, though.
I want to wear cowboy boots and a cowboy hat!

ForHisGlory said...

Michelle, I'm here in the DFW area and headed to Siesta Fiesta do you still need a ride? email me at'm hoping to get a ride down and share expenses...gas is rediculous don't you think! Hope your well can't wait to meet you!