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Saturday, August 16, 2008

God's Girl

Last night I went to a special time of fellowship
and ministry with my Smal Group from Church.
God impressed upon many of us that He sees us as His little girl living in abandon before the Lord. He loves us, delights in us and approves of us. We are His children, he has chosen us as His treasured possession. Take some time to come before Him today and allow Him to minister to You as Daddy's Girl. He is our Daddy, our Abba, and He longs to draw us up into His lap and listen to us giggle and ramble about our day - He longs to hold us close and have us dance with abandon before Him as He offers us acceptance and approval. He says to us, "Come, My child, and spend some time with Me."
I've included some pictures to help you go to a place where He dotes on you - His Daddy's Girl!
And He wants you to know, You are His favorite.
Picture youself in His arms, Him playing with you and making you laugh!
He thinks you are precious, a delight to His heart and His eyes.

You are His girl. He delights to spend His time with you.

He delights to see us playing together, worshipping Him together and enjoying one another. Let's Twirl!

Be abandoned before Him...

Worship Him with your enthusiasm

and allow Him to love you in the jubilation of youth and life!

He longs to teach you to dance to the music of His heart...

To let you get your balance by dancing on His feet.

Life is meant to be enjoyed.

He wants to show You how beautiful He thinks you are.

Feel His arms around you as your loving Father celebrates your victories and soothes your aching heart.

He loves you so... We're swimming in His lavish love.

You are accepted in the Beloved, His child.

His Princess...

When you listen to this song, kick off your shoes,

put on your best dress and join Him in the ballroom of Heaven!

Your Father in Heaven says, "Dance with me, and know that I delight in you..."


Michelle V said...

Wow, Michelle, I LOVE this!

Michelle V

luvmy4sons said...

Delightful post. Thank you!