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Sunday, September 21, 2008


Okay... So have you ever had so much happening at once you had to check and see if you weren't going in two different directions. If you subtract the baby and add two teenage girls and you pretty much have my life ...

As I watched the early reports on Hurricane Ike I wondered if we would get the call to house evacuees over the week after the hurricane made landfall. However, last Tuesday our family got a call of a different kind. On Wednesday my husband headed down south to help with Hurricane recovery work. Our part is keeping the home fires burning and sacrificing in the area of our budget so that my husband can help restore utilities in the Hurricane ravaged towns.

Granted - my husband gets paid for what he is doing by way of Hurricane recovery. Yet, he is working grueling hours in very poor conditions and we are going to end up spending more than he gets reimbursed for perdium while he is there. I guess it is a good thing my husband's job is not our source. God has a plan and he is faithful. I pray for my husband's spiritual condition while he is away - the long hours and dismal conditions are sure to take their toll at some point. So I ask for prayer for him in so many ways.

He works for a local telephone company and told me that there is enough work there to keep everyone busy (on the telephone side) for about six months. Towns like Baytown, Hitchcock and other Galveston Bay front towns are truly devastated - but are not being talked about much on the news. I stood in line behind a woman who is staying in this area since the hurricane has flooded her house and has her stranded here in town. She said that she needs FEMA help to get a hotel but has not gotten any assistance yet.

We are faced with it everywhere we turn. Our church sent out an email this weekend stating that our church will be a staging facility working with a church in the Hurricane affected area sending volunteers down for four day rotations to gut houses and make it possible for them to be repaired quickly without the threat of mold setting in on the studs and foundation.

I guess, the most troubling thing for me is to think that many people are still missing. My husband reported on Friday that the town they were working in was pretty much wiped out. He saw a couple of D/FW metro area firetrucks pulling up with trailers. They unloaded two "gator" first aid carts with four stretchers each and were accompanied by a police officer with an assault rifle and a can of spray paint. My husband's statment on the scene was bone-chilling for me, "They are about to go in and search for bodies from house to house."

He said - IT IS REALLY BAD. My heart breaks and I asked him how he is dealing with being in a place where he is surrounded by death. He said, "I have a job to do. I try not to think about it too much."

So... I'm praying over these first hand reports, praying for the funds to support two households until my husband's perdium catches up with us in a couple of weeks and praying for protection for everyone who is going down to work and all of those who are hurting over the loss of their home or the loss of their family and friends. May God be merciful and bless them all. Bless them all.

So... I have been a little off since Thursday afternoon. I will get the Names of God caught up Wednesday and post on IOW a week from Tuesday. I am adjusting to my new "single mom" status and realizing how blessed I am to have a husband who helps me so much when he is home.

Mandy Thompson is writing about everyday doers over at her blog. What do these types of reports prompt you to do?

Love to you all and many blessings.


Bev Brandon said...

Wow, that is just unbelievable. I haven't seen any news about it, just what you wrote and the pictures, and I am so touched, deeply. What devastation. And when it's gone, it's gone. May they find Christ in their desperation. Thanks Michelle for writing about this. I've been through quite a few hurricanes being from Louisiana. And I lost contact with every living family member of ours in Hurricane Katrina. Really hard!

luvmy4sons said...

Wow. So much loss. So much suffering. It has to be so hard on people like your husband and other rescuers, but thank God for them. Praying. Hearing stories like this makes you realize your blessings even more!

twinkle said...

Can you just imagine the stench? I saw the picture of the debris pushed off the road and I could just imagine how bad it must smell. May God provide.

Michelle V said...

What a trying time for all of you! I cannot imagine having to be where your husband is, and the devastation just breaks my heart! I will be praying for you, your husband and your family! Hold on tight to God!


Susan said...

Hey Michelle,

This all brings back memories from Katrina!

My hubby finally got home after 9 weeks in Iowa. The Mississippi crested and flooded a huge plant there.

It was hard being seperated for so L-O-N-G.

I'll be praying for you and your fammily during this time.

I know your hubby sees this "as ministry" because it truly is. It's a major sacrifice for him and for YOUR FAMILY too!!

I pray God will give you His amazing grace while he's away.

Blessings my sweet friend~