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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Something to Think About

I was sent the following (first) youtube video and felt it was interesting information. From your standard, U. S. Citizen - there is not "I'm John McCain an d I approve this message. This is not a celebrity or a talking head of the media - just a military soldier who did his duty in Iraq and has this to say:

Again this appears to be a non-McCain sponsored ad about Obama's Economic policies.

Anyone seeking the office of the President should consider the gravitiy of the sentiment of this song. (DISCLAIMER: This song originally targeted our sitting President, and I do not agree with the sentiment toward him, but the young man who sings this song said he is learning and the words grabbed him so he decided to sing it. He said that he doesn't agree with everything and recognizes it is pretty specific toward President Bush, but he also said that he sees it as more of a look at all politicians present and past and the mistakes they have made.) Fair Statement? You decide... In a fickle society a popular President can fade quickly and sideshows become mainstream news.

I went about looking for some pro-Obama from the average American citizen on Youtube and did not find it. I did however find some talking head material that I thought was interesting.

Now, I am not trying to persuade you to vote for either candidate... I'm trying to say that there are a lot of talking heads out there - including the two candidates and it is very hard to make sense out of it. We may not like either candidate - my eldest daughter will vote for the first time in this election and I suggested we might just elect to vote "No Confidence."

I was really strong set in this position until my dad reminded me that though they would have to count my vote - it would really be lending credibility to the candidate that I would least like to see gain the office. For that reason, I have made a decision on how to vote. Not so much because he is my first choice, but because of the two he is the best choice.

As I did this research, I found two things very interesting - 1. That there are people, your average everyday "middle-class" American people making videos supporting John McCain based on their own knowledge of this nation's state of affairs... 2. I could not find one that favored Barack Obama of the same type or origin. That spoke to me in big, bold capital letters.

Whether or not you like the candidates that are running for office - you must vote - one person's vote can make the difference.

God recently reminded me that He is the one who sets up kings and deposes them... Good kings, bad kings, indifferent kings and ungodly kings... He sets them up and deposes them (Daniel 2:21). But, as I typed this post He also reminded me that He turned the nation of Israel and many others over to the wickedness of their hearts when they consistently - as a nation - turned their hearts hard toward Him. He sent them into captivity and even remained silent for more than four centuries. Are we so blinded by pocketbook economics and the entitlements of government that we are missing what God would have His people do in this election, in this nation in this exact time and season of the world's history? (Acts 17:26) We all have a role to play - Vote. Vote your conscience, vote your moral perspective, but most of all vote.

And to quote Kevin Costner's character "Bud" in "Swing Vote:" Remember - "We need a president who is better than his speeches."

Because I am not advocating a political view and do not wish to engage political debate - I am going to close the comments for this post. Thanks for understanding. Feel free to email me if you have comments or questions.