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Thursday, December 11, 2008


On Monday I called my husband to check on him at work and he said, "Be sure to come [a specific route I would normally not go] to pick me up tonight because they've got Keller Hicks blocked off ..." So all week we have wondered why they have had huge flood lights set up on that road and an adjacent road - Old Denton - with County Constables checking IDs to let people in.

Today, I called my husband to find out what time he needed me to pick him up from work and here is how the conversation went:

ME: Hi honey! Am I picking you up at six at the yard?

HIM: Yeah that's fine. Unless, of course, you want to come and pick me up early and then swing by and see Ty.


HIM: Ty Pennington.

ME: (LONG PAUSE, as the Rolodex in my mind begins to flip searching for why I should know that name... Can you say DUH?) Ty Pennington?

HIM: Yes... He's here doing an Extreme Home Makeover off of Keller Hicks and Old Denton. (This is just a few blocks from the yard where he parks.)
TY PENNINGTON is in Tarrant County, TX! That is right... the Extreme Home Makeover Bull Horn Blaring, Secret Room Daring... Interior Designer/Builder Extrodinaire is not even a few blocks from where I pick up my husband from work each day.

YES! I was actually behind the bus they ride in on my way to pick Hubs up tonight. You can see the house going up from Timberline Road just off I-35 W near Keller, TX. Oh Yes... Read all about it here... EXTREME HOME MAKEOVER FORT WORTH.

This family's story is so precious and I just want you to know that I'm so blessed to know that a family in my neck of the woods is getting this tremendous blessing. READ about them and Amber Augustin's ministry: "TINY WORKS OF THE HEART." Read more about the family HERE. Amber's website is Amber Augustin Photography (I think) so check it out.