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Monday, March 30, 2009

Calling All Followers

Are you a follower?
Well, if you are - there may be a pit in your future... Unless you are following Jesus, of course! .

That is exactly what this post is about. I want to do something kind of fun, kind of cool and definitely a way to gain great insight and perspective from our Lord.

So my question now is are you game?
Here are the guidelines for participation:
1. Commit to 21 weeks of Bible Reading.
2. Be willing to write a post each week about what you observe as you read.
3. Be willing to post here and leave a link back to your post for others to read.
4. A heart ready to discover new heights and depths of the reality and TRUTH that is our God!
5. Advertise this opportunity on your blog by asking others join you in reading and sharing observations.
6. OH! And I should add, you cannot use study aids such as Study Bible Notes, Bible Dictionaries or Lexicons, Commentaries, or other resources to help you gain understanding. The Holy Spirit will be our guide.
7. Leave a comment on this post if you are able to join us for this fun and insightful opportunity.
Leave you name and city or state in the comments of this post please... Our first reading assignment will come on Wednesday, April 1st. And that is not an April Fool's joke. Let's start this off right by choosing to do something exceptional and not be a fool, but grow in Wisdom and truth instead.

Here we go! Check it out.


Esthermay said...

Oh, you are precious!
Where have all the BIBLE studies gone. Everyone's busy studying the current best-seller and they're missing what ALMIGHTY GOD has to say!!!

I'm "IN" and lookin' forward to April 1st
p.s. I'm from MN

HIS Daughter said...

I'm in, LORD willing, and I pray that I learn to glean and understand my Bible better. I have been praying for discernment (without all the aids of others), so this should be a good practice test.

Deep in the mountains of Southwest Virginia.

p.s. Is there any special link you want us to use on our blogs?

Patty said...

I am in.

I am from Middle Tennessee!

See you tomorrow!

MITZI said...

Yes, I'd like to join. I need a Word from God, I need a change in my life, I NEED HIM!!

from sunny South Calif.