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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Weighing the Word: Reading Assignments Through May 28th

Week One Reading: John Chapter One.
Remember to read the entire chapter each day!
If you would like to join us, click the picture icon (left), read the requirements and post a comment with your name and city or state to acknowledge you will be joining us on this weekly journey! Then dive on in.
A few TIPS:
1. Pray daily before your reading. Be sure to A) Confess any known sins, and B) ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and reveal to you anything He wants you to know, and C) Ask God to clarify anything that you had trouble understanding from the day before.
2. When you read, look for the following:
* Things that are repeated often.

* Make special note of anything you sense God is drawing to your attention. (Mark your Bible and/or Journal as you read)
* Make note of any observations you have for the first time.
* Anything that makes you laugh or strikes you as unusual. Things that makes you laugh, go HMM... or HUH?
* Anything that helps you to identify and relate to Christ in a more meaningful way.
* If a particular Scripture speaks specifically to something in your life. (THIS IS FREE: Write that Scripture on an index card and memorize it!)
*Write down things that confuse or distract you. Write down Questions and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you into all truth.
3. Keep a journal/paper and pen handy to keep track of your notes or to process what you read daily.
4. Read from at least two or three translations of the chapter during the week. (If you don't have more than one copy, you can use for your reading.) This will help to keep it fresh.
5. Try to avoid making this a "religious exercise" and look at this as a "relationship exercise." Put away what you've been taught and already know and ask for fresh spiritual eyes to see the chapter anew. Do what works for you... speaks to you... This is about you relating to and getting to know God through His Word on a daily basis more than it is about keeping a set of standards or rules. Accountability is important, so if you get stuck or are struggling - join us for our weekly post and read through what others observed and share what you are struggling with so we can pray for you. Also, even if you are very familiar with a story - look for things you've never read, observed or noticed before.
6. Check in and pray for those who are participating with us. And Most of ALL ENJOY IT!
Read the entire Chapter
Daily for seven days:

April 1-7:
John Chapter One
(Post the 8th)

April 8-14:
John Chapter Two
(Post the 15th)

April 15-21:
John Chapter Three
(Post the 22nd)

April 22nd-28th:
John Chapter Four
(Post the 29th)

April 29-May 5:
John Chapter Five
(Post the 6th)

May 6-12:
John Chapter Six
(Post the 13th)

May 13-19:
John Chapter Seven
(Post the 20th)

May 20-27:
John Chapter Eight
(Post the 28th)

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