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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Beauty, Strength and Faith... My girls

These are my beauties... Brittany, the brunette and Taylor, the blonde. When they were little they looked like Precious Moments dolls. Now, they are tall stunners who love the Lord and truly are beautiful inside and out. Taylor is spirited. A fireball who takes notes in church, breaks out into song in the middle of a crowded restaurant, dances silly in the living room and has a primary gifting in evangelism with secondary gifts in exhortation and intercessor. Brittany has a servants heart, she is a behind the scenes kind of girl. She loves art, especially black and white photography - her passion. She is vintage to the core and adorably sensitive and funny! She and I can laugh at nothing or everything it just depends on the day we're having. She will graduate in March and is officially involved in her first serious relationship. I am so proud of the choices she makes. She won't even kiss the young man - he is such a good kid as well. He is in his 2nd or 3rd year of college, devoted to Christ and active in ministry, and just crazy about my girl. He called me last week to get my permission to ask her to be his girlfriend - officially. Brittany is so funny, last year we had a conversation about her "bad girl gone good" friends who all seemed to have found long lasting relationships with boys after trying on many. I told her that I would rather think that she waited for God to bring the right one into her life than to see her going out and trying on anyone who comes along to see if they are a right fit. My Brittany has done that, and Taylor recently said she really has no use for boys at this point. They are so strong in faith and adorable - they are truly best friends. My girls are close to graduation... Brittany will graduate in March and Taylor in a couple of years. I'm having pre-empty nest jitters... but I try to remain calm by picking out my grandma name that I will use a decade or more from now. Anyway... I am rambling. The girls are also close to their stepsister, (bottom right picture), Megan. She is a freshman this year.
Have a blessed day!


Bev Brandon said...

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God Bless you in all you do!

HIS daughter said...


I saw your post on Beth Moore's website,

I read some of your blog. I want to make sure I'm understanding right - Do you have a painful story of divorce and all you went through or is it fiction?

I was just curious I guess because - to be brief - GOD rescued me from my utter pit of misery in a similar situation and restored my life back with my first husband. It's a long story, however all of this to say -

Write the story that GOD has laid on your heart to help others. HE will give you the strength. There are so many others hurting out there and thinking they have just "messed it up" beyond any hope.

You and I know that is where HE comes in - when there is NO earthly hope - Our Savior - Our bridegroom - Our JESUS...The One and Only.

Blessings and prayers for all you do for HIM and HIS kingdom!

Teri S.