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Monday, January 28, 2008

A Final Thought About Elohim

Well there is a dear one who posted on the original Elohim post just last night and made the point that the Bible is full of allusions and allegory and all sorts of reference respresenting that the Elohim (plural noun in singular use) of Genesis 1:1 is in fact plural in representation because of the plural pronoun usages and the many other ways the Trinity is represented in Scripture. And, I indeed agree. I have no doubt any of this was intentional on God's part! No doubt whatsoever!
In my original post, I posted literally what I found in my own Word study and the literal translation that I found in Strong's as well as the notes in the lexical aids and in Ann Spangler's book. That most scholars do not find a plurality indicated when the context uses a singular verb and that is when it is most often translated "God." Now let me dig a little deeper here.
The concept of the doctrine of the Trinity is that we have one God in nature, with three seperate and distinct personalities: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This is not new to most all of us I would imagine. But how does Elohim really reflect that truth - in the grammar, of course! Our God is so amazing! Think about it - it is a plural noun (three personalities) with a singular use (one nature)! And that my friends was such a subtle revelation I barely knew I had it. Elohim, the plurality of God in one concise word! Amen and Amen... and Thank You Carri for forcing me to look a little deeper.
Isn't it just like God to take the plural form of a singular noun that traditionally represented pagan gods and turn it around to tell us a little something about Himself... Amazing - Hallelujah! What a wild and incredible God we have on our side. He gives me the gigles all the time! Please share your thoughts if you would like.
Well, I am now off to prepare my post for El Roi... I will be back soon.

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