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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

More thoughts on Elohim

You know today as I sat here considering the wonderful qualities of our great God I thought to myself... wow, God must really be so hoping we get this quality of Him. I mean think of it this way, all of Creation is under His copyright, no matter who evolutionist ascribe the beauty and intricacies of creation to it belongs to our God... "(c) before the World Began, Elohim". Then, I thought and in heaven, instead of a birth certificate - we have a Psalm 139 certificate - a whole notebook style file with all our spiritual firsts recorded and maybe a few discipline slips to boot I am sure - though by the time we get there they will be long since gone - even before the day we were born. He is sovereign, sending rain on the just and the unjust. He is holy, unable to stand or tolerate sin or unrighteousness - even His glory passing by would knock us dead if we looked upon His face. Can you fathom it? I mean really?

As I do, I look to heaven, even on a dark and dreary day like this where bad news seems to loom everpresent in the air and cry out, "I am so unworthy, Lord, but so grateful you would love me so much that everything in my life, whether Good or Bad would drive me straight into a more personal and deeply meaningful life with YOU!"

Elohim, Master Artist, Sculptor, Designer and Creator... Copyright owner to the entire Earth and all the heavens, too. He before we ever have a thought stamps His brand on our best ministry ideas, every word we write to honor Him, and even those times of deepest agony have His mark if we seek Him through it... now that is what life is really all about! My Elohim, God Most High!


HIS daughter said...

Thank you, Michelle. Thank you for hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit when he told you to "check in" on me.
I read with a heavy and tender heart for you about your son. I wanted to tell you I don't know how you feel, but I would give you a hug if you were in person now and cry because I think sometimes, you can still shed tears over things that are healed maybe?

I'm glad the HOLY SPIRIT told you to check on me. I need to re-read your e-mail again to respond, but I needed someone else to be in prayer for my son (the 21 year old).

Of all things he comes home from college today to tell me that his English teacher had another Ph.D in their class who used to be a Methodist chaplain in the army who is now a Shaman!

He did all sorts of things in class and told the kids all kinds of stories.

My son said he didn't believe him and I told him.."Oh yes, they are true but they are evil with a capital E".

Number 1 I am angry that Satan just decides to walk in and try to pick up my son, but GOD and my prayers are stronger than that. I just got up off my knees over that one.

The second thing is how dare a teacher, an instructor bring blantant evil into the classroom?

Oh if this was only high school or whatever I would have this stopped instantly, but because my son is 21 I guess I'm not allowed.

I dont' know..I prayed and prayed and I definitely know that GOD is covering me and my son.

I have all the scripture with the Greek word for "witchcraft and sorcery" which is Pharmakeia...where we get the word "pharmacy" from.

You should look it up in the Strong's. It's all the stuff we pretty much imagine it to be.

Only now it just walked in to my son's class and called himself Dr. Langeman telling the kids about trances, etc.

Sorry to have gone on and on...I'm just ready to do battle.

Pray for me,
Blessings and love,

Bev Brandon said...

I love it when you call Him the Copyright owner of all. Love when you say His brand is even on our words. You are a marked woman, Michelle. Thanks for your comment full of vision for me. I do think I spent some of the moments last night in wondering too much about stuff. Like orange juice.

atHisrighthand said...

Hey Michelle,
Your blog is so nice and very inspiring. I read the story again of your son and remember so vividly that time. Thank you for being a blessing,

HIS daughter said...

I was doing homework and decided to drop by and say hello.

I have been in prayer with a heavy heart after reading the burden over at the LPM blog.

I posted as well and I am startled at the work of fear that you and talked about not long ago with me is rampant in so many, many of our sister's lives.

I am so angry at the enemy and I have prayed and prayed and praised the LORD for who HE is in between homework.

I'm just having a holy fit of "righteous indignation" at how he has chosen to attack us and keep us covered and scared in our dark little "shelters" of fear.

Well, back to work but I love you for you and you are a true sister in Christ!


Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,

I love your blog - and your Hebrew! I learned quite a bit of it while in the Messianic synagogue for years so I was able to recognize "Elohim" as soon as I saw it (unless I've lost my basic Hebrew alep-bet memory; it appears to read "Elohim").

I shall come back to read some more...haven't had a chance this week to respond to your gracious email but oh you've helped me already in some of the things that you said.

LPM blog - was that something or what? I'm still reeling over the myriad of comments regarding BF. But am soooo happy I'm not alone!

It's wee hours of the morning and worship comes early so gotta run for now. I shall return. *just love seeing the Hebrew!*

HIS daughter said...


Thank you for your prayers! GOD is really doing a mighty work in my life with regards to what I asked you to pray for - my son, unforgiveness on my part towards others.
Praying you are blessed this day!
Thank you for being an encourager!