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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Can You Hear Me Now?

If I could describe how I have been feeling this week in one picture... this might be it! Sometimes nauseated, other times coughing my fool head off and other times just wiped out! But in it all my joy is still in tact and my resolve not to walk in yucky illness has remained in tact! Praise You Lord, Thank You Jesus that your stripes bring healing to my body, my soul and my Spirit.

My family might swear I am a hypochondriac... but everytime I start feeling a little low I ask, "Am I running fever?" Last night, no kidding I asked my baby daughter (the blonde - 16 yr. old) that very question and she touched my face with her pale, slender fingers and I jumped... Her fingers felt like cold little popsicles she had just pulled out of the fridge. Too Much... My hubby on the other hand is the warm blooded Italian variety and so his hands are always ten degrees warmer than my body temperature... I suppose I could just run down to the drugstore and invest in a thermometer - but, that might reveal that I am really quite "normal" after all and what fun would that be?
. .
However... Today - it was the kicker! I felt so much better after a brief run to the urgent care clinic to see if my baby daughter broke her hand in the most outrageous "game" I have ever heard of... ("We punch each other's fists!") She had not broken bones, thank you Lord, but a seriously bruised hand and a very expensive lesson to the tune of $120.00. At the Wal-Greens where I filled her prescriptions, I asked the pharmacist what the best OTC meds were for cold/flu symptoms. He said, Tylenol Cold Multi Symptom and I bought myself a little pack of Day/Night formula! This morning I awoke feeling a bit more well than when I retired just before midnight last night. However, after Life Group and Lunch out with the ladies and much much too much talking I came home and tried to speak only to find my voice was gone - not even a whisper. I smiled at my daughter and said, "Can You Hear Me Now?" And she looked at me with great consternation and replied, "I can't hear you? Maybe you should quit trying to talk!"
Okay... 'nuff said. Obviously or God would not have allowed me to lose my voice... Blessings sweet sisters - we must maintain our sense of humor or else this life would get us so far down we would not even come out of the pit if we got an engraved invitation! Engraved... our names are engraved on the palms of His hands... What an invitation! Blessings.


luvmy4sons said...

I hope I don't catch these diseases that seem to be going around in bloggy world! You are NOT alone! I am going to wash my hands after reading your post! I am so sorry you have been ill. That is great you found some pharmaceutical relief! I find vitamin C shortens illnesses greatly and prevents them too! Praying you feel better with each passing day!

valerie said...

Awwww Michelle, I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well.
If I ever feel bad in the least I take my temp because I feel like if I'm feeling so bad I must at least have an elevated temp to show for it. My normal temp is 97 so if I ever even have 99 by golly, it's fever!
I do hope you get your voice back and are on the road to recovery soon.
Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog.
Talk to you soon.

valerie said...

Are you feeling better?
I haven't heard from you in a while and was hoping and praying that you are well.
In my thoughts and prayers today, friend,

Michelle Bentham said...

Hey Ladies,

I will be back in full force next week! It has been so long since I've been in! It just seems the Lord has been allowing difficulty in my life and the enemy is attacking first my health and now our household. Hubby had a fender bender yesterday and the internet is still on the fritz... I am tired and weary, but still waiting on the Lord! It will be better in His time and I have only to be faithful! God Bless!