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Tuesday, June 17, 2008



Okay... Ladies, I'm at it again! I just can't help it...
Gateway Worship blesses my sox off!

Okay so here is how this is going to work:

1. Listen to the two songs in the playlist on this post. (If the player does not appear to load, select the Pop-Out Player and follow the instructions in the pop-up window to listen to the songs: 1. My Beloved and 2.) The More I Seek You.)

2. Select the song that you like best and post a comment telling why you like it.

Both of these songs are on the My Beloved CD. I will use random integer to select the winner next Monday, June 23rd. So listen, have a great time with it and I will be back to let you know who won in a week!

Happy Blogging and I really hope you WIN!


jenmom said...

Ok, I'm finding out that there is nothing like Gateway worship to usher you straight into God's presence and before His throne!!! I just listened to both songs and having to pick, I pick "My Beloved"!
This past year has been an extremely difficult one, but one in which I have fallen more in love with my Heavenly Father! To be reminded through this song that He sings over me, that I am His beloved is about more joy than I can stand!!!!!
Thanks Michelle for your generosity to host this giveaway! Maybe with a special blessing I can hit two in a row!!!!

Christina said...

No Sweeter Name & When I Speak Your Name...
What a way to focus my eyes, heart, mind & soul where they should be!!!

Julie said...

Oh, I hope I win....I hope I win...I hope I win..... I have just found Gateway Worship and I am just so amazed by it. Kari Jobe is now one of my favorites..

Now to pick... wow, that's really, really hard.....

Cause One speaks to me and one speaks from me.
If I have to narrow it down I would have to pick
"My Beloved"....because it is like a love song to me from my Papa...who loves me so... and I have found the things in this song to be so true... He does come to me and make me whole. This song reminds me of the psalm... "the king is enthralled with your beauty." I especially love the line "to sing over you is my delight"..

Thanks for the opportunity!

Bev Brandon said...

My Beloved...and you ask think that my beautiful God calls me His beloved when He sees all the parts of my heart where the Mystery of the gospel isn't there and still runs to me with open arms---I just can hardly believe it. I've been stuck in a master/servant relationship for way too long. But no more! He's my friend, my father, my lover. Kari Jobe so brings God to me in her music and I'd love to have this on my iPod. Would just love it. Makes me want to come to Gateway! Makes me so grateful to God that He calls me beloved! O so grateful!

MITZI said...

My choice is My Beloved, hands down or up! After the past 24 hours of feeling defeated I hear the call of the One who calls me Beloved and desires to be with me, even in my brokennes. Such beautiful love words to me. I've never heard of Kari Jobe but will look her up and buy her CD.

It's not by accident that I've encountered some mature christian siestas on the Lifeway forum and LPM. It's God ordained.

Thank you Michelle.

Susan said...

Oh, they are both so good, but I'm going to choose My Beloved...

Just to think of God singing over me is more then I can imagine!!

This song invites me to draw so close to the heart of my lover, my best friend, my saviour and KING.

Yes, I want to come away with Him...