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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

29 Hours and Counting...

What is your first clue this siesta is excited about San Antonio?
This is actually me after one too many Rt. 44 Cokes from Sonic! But please don't tell my daughter she totally gets angry at me...

Apparently I can be pretty embarrasing on a good caffiene buzz!
I was, after all, dancing to some hip hop song in her bedroom earlier and being a total DORK!

Here is the deal... I am totally psyched about San Antonio even if it will feel like a Sauna.

I went and had my nails done today and guess what. I was the first one in the pedicure chair - Oh. Yes. I. Was.
I arrived before the salon opened. My friend, Katie, a young vietnamese Catholic who does my nails arrived a few minutes after my hiney landed in the chair. She is precious and so seeking more and more information about the Lord. We talk about Him everytime I am at her table. Well she came in and saw where I had been playing around with designs on my nails this week. She suggested a very chic and trendy design - Zebra Stripes... I asked her if she would do it with same polish that was already on my toes and she said, YES!

Here are the results:


She is sooo Talented. These are standard issue acrylics with painted tips and designs!
DON'T. THEY. JUST. SCREAM. FIESTA. FEROCIOUS? And, what's this I see...

Hey Ya'll... This totally looks like a suitcase that is almost packed. OH. And that little flyer to the left is an advertisement for this WORDSearch Preferred Customer... I'm trying to figure a way to buy $180 worth of E-Bible Study Tools and pay for my trip to San Antonio! The WordSearch stuff looks like it is no on hold... But, GLORY. SAN. ANTONIO. IS. ALMOST. HERE!

And here is the garment bag. This is my $8,000 luggage set! Not really - you might note the little "MARY KAY" logo all over the maroon canvas - and well, I bought $8000 worth of inventory and got this luggage as my reward... plus I still have a good bit of that MARY KAY to make my skin look youthfully fresh and renewed! I, by the way, no longer sell MARY KAY!

However, the other day, my precious girl said: "Momma, you know that line in Steele Magnolias where Julia Roberts says, 'I've discovered the early stages of crows feet.' and Truvy says, 'Honey, there's one thing you learn and that is time marches on, and eventually you notice is marching across your face!' Well, you don't have those!" I just love that kid! She does a body good... or at least an ego! I said, "It's all that skin care!" So... of course one of those Mary Kay bags would hold a pleathora of hair and skin care products... though not all are MARY KAY - actually my skin care is now mostly Aveeno and I love love love it!

Decide for Yourself:

Notice the dark tips beside my face...

yes, that would be my very own personal application of LOW LIGHTING!

And then there is the HAIR!

I don't think I do it justice with this camera and my-not-so-swivel arm... but I'm trying! I'm trying! Can you tell it has high and low lights... I get so many compliments on this science experiment that I was convinced was a big mistake til I wore it out in public a few times. Now I think I'll keep it! What do you think... ? Would you believe I did it all myself? Oh. Yes. I. DID!

one wired siesta, anxiously awaiting her trip to San Antonio nearly 28 hours from now!

Oh Lord, I got myself so worked up, now I don't think I will get to sleep for a couple of hours. Please help me to rest this evening and give me patience to endure the next 28 hours... WOO HOO!




Michelle V said...


I am excited too! I have a list beside me at work today because I keep thinking of things I need to make sure I do or don't want to forget to pack!


luvmy4sons said...

What a fun post. You sound like one super fun gal! Beautiful by the way!