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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm going to be in San Antonio in about 60 hours

Can you believe Siesta Fiesta Week is finally here?

I can't - If you aren't going check out the Siestaville Blog where Patty and Kim have been working feverishly on this weekend's event. There will be a terrific give-a-way for the non-Sauna Antonio Siestas... So tune in, read up and be a Siesta with us.

If you are not a Siesta... well, hop on over to LPM and read Beth Moore's ministry blog and then you will begin to understand what this blog phenom is all about!

Well, my transportation is secure! I will be heading out with my friend (For His Glory) at the wee hour of 5 AM on Friday. We will drive down in her Honda Accord!

A month ago I think I had one roommate... ONE! I had five who dropped out and well, it was looking like a very expensive weekend. When one of my five roomies dropped so did my ride to San Antonio and the rest of this journey has been a real adventure in odyssey with God proving Himself every step of the way.

On Friday, I will meet my first new blog friend T. as we make the ride to Sauna Antonio together. Then I will catch up with L., A., and N. who will be arriving on Thursday probably at the hotel or the Pico de Gallo luncheon that has been set up for the ladies. I did not know any of these women before we connected about this Siesta Event! Which is absolutely exciting to me.

My roomies are coming from the North - A., the South - L., and the East, N.... Then ya' have little ol' me from the west (since I am the Siesta from the western most point on the map in our Siesta Bunch!)

I checked the weather tonight and it is either going to be a gully washer or a sauna in good old San Antone this weekend... So I have taken to calling it Sauna Antonio! I went in December two years ago for a Lifeway Women's Event and sweltered in nearly 70 degree temperatures with about 110% humidity. I ended up at Brookstones buying a small battery-op'd fan and feeling like I was in early menopause. But, God still brought the Word.

OH. MY. I purchased my tickets on 9/21/2007 and the week is finally here.

As for other things in my life... This week has been rough for me the last two years. This last Friday was the anniversary of my son's accident. On that evening I was in the living room of my life group leader's house surrounded by godly women praising and worshipping the Lord. During worship I asked God to show me where He was that night three years ago and He so sweetly showed me His arms holding up mine as I praised Him for delivering Justin through the surgery for internal injuries. He showed me how He ministered to Justin in his hospital bed after the surgery when the nurses encouraged me to leave and get some sleep since we had quite a journey ahead of us. He showed me how He was in the hearts of every person who came to us, took care of us and walked this journey out with us all these months since. He is so good to us. I love Him so.

This year my declaration is the Joy of the Lord is my strength. He is, Oh He is. I have had closure this year and tremendous healing in this area of my life - I'm finally seeking freedom after all these years. TO. HIM. BE. THE. GLORY. who has the POWER to turn curses into BLESSINGS, ashes into BEAUTY, and the despair of the broken into the PRAISE of the REDEEMED! I'm so blessed by His Love, His Grace, His Mercy and His Spirit. May you be blessed by this little praise fest...

If you think of it would you say a little prayer for me on Saturday - It is the third anniversary of my son's homegoing and I miss him even if I am enraptured with my Lord's Joy!

Love Ya'll to Pieces and Bless You even more.


Shonda said...

Visiting from Annie's Eyes. I look forward to going to Siesta Fiesta. I'll be driving from west Texas, though my drive is not as long as yours. I'm so glad the Lord blessed you with these friends.

"Sauna Antonio" Very good. I'm wondering what to do with my hair in that sauna????

Engrafted by His Grace--

Michelle V said...


I am so happy that things worked out for you with travel and roomies! Praise God! I hope to be able to hug your neck in person on Saturday! You are an inspiration to me!

Michelle V

jenmom said...

Hey Girl!!! It is almost here!! I am packing today!!! I hope we get to sit near each other on Saturday, because I would be honored to help hold your arms up in praise to our God as Aaron help hold Moses' arms up. I am anticipating VICTORY in many lives including my own this weekend! I am about to bust with excitement and anticipation! I am so ready to meet with you and others and mostly with my Lord!!!!!

Julie said...

Praying for you friend as you "remember"....


Michelle Bentham said...

Thanks all... I've totally felt your prayers and I love your hearts. Bloggers truly are very dear to my heart... Especially now.