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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Home again, Home again Jiggety Jig...

Well, I arrived home today from the fabulous Sauna Antonio Living Proof Live Siesta event this weekend and well... I'm two things right now - OVER THE TOP blessed and physically exhausted. It was as they say a whirlwind tour... On Friday evening, while we were waiting to go to our seats at the fiesta, Amanda came out and visted with us. She was so gracious and beautiful. Two things surprised us - how tall she is, and how much more she looks like Mama Siesta than in her pictures. She is a stunningly gorgeous woman with a beautiful and gentle spirit. Her heart to serve the siestas on Saturday was just an absolute blessing to everyone there.
I am still mulling over the message on Inheritance that Beth brought. I will be writing more about my roomies, my ride and the fabulous bloggers of Siestaville in a few days, but for now I am going to shower and get ready for church. You all are blessings and dear to me and now I have precious faces and voices to go with our unique or not so unique bloggy names... You are the BOMB and I love you.


Julie said...

Welcome back, friend.

I can't wait to hear about your time. I have seen reference to this event, but really don't know much about it. Though I do know Beth Moore and have done several of her studies. I LOVE her.

Tell me more.


Michelle V said...

I'm still in such a whirlwind from the weekend! Beth was amazing and taught such a powerful Word! It will take me days to go back over my notes! I was so blessed to get the privelage of hugging your neck in person! I saw you Saturday morning and I was going to go say hello but by the time I turned around you were gone and I didn't see you again.


Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

Hi Sweet Michelle...
I am so sleepy after a wonderful weekend, but I wanted to pop on over here and tell you that I did my post.
Love you sister..

Susan said...

Oh wow!!! Can't wait till you get all rested up and let us know all the details of this awesome weekend!!

I'll be back!

Great picture, of both of you♥

luvmy4sons said...

Sounds like God was in your midst. Waiting for the details. Praying for your safe return home.

connorcolesmom said...

You are a blast and a beautiful woman
I LOVED meeting you
I also really love the blonde hair although somehow I missed the story of how it got to be blonde - you will have to fill me in :)
Love ya

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Still feeling blessed to have met you and witnessed your beautiful faith and worship. Love to you!

Melana said...

Michelle, I so wanted to meet you in San Antonio and I'm thankful that I did. I loved you sitting in back of me during the Saturday sessions. I liked hearing you affirm what was being said by Beth. Love your spirit! Thank-you for sharing Justin's story with me. You're a dear!


Shonda said...

Oh that is too cool. I talked to her at the registration table, but forgot--can you believe that---to pull out my camera! Talking too much!! and thinking very little. Great picture!