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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Jesus is my Strength... In Prime Time People!

I'm going to post about a television show I occasionally watch with my daughters. It is a teenage soap opera on the WB called "One Tree Hill." The picture above is a tribute to one of the "high school students" Quentin who was shot and killed in last week's episode. It links back to the One Tree Hill Blog where I got this information - posted by AMY! Thanks, Amy!
The reason I'm posting about this week's episode: Season 6, Episode 3 is because something that is rare on television took center stage (well there were a few scenes of Nanny Carrie threatening Dan and young Jamie... but every Soap Opera has to have villain and Nanny Carrie is this season's crazy woman with issues. She is only being upstaged by the towns villainesque father, Dan, whom she has kidnapped. Which is one of the lesser qualities of the show.) That is the cautionary tale for this post... the rest is a kudos for the dialogue exchanges that follow this monologue.

The scene is set this way. A once cocky, popular high school basketball star is shot when he stops to buy gas at a convenience store on his way home from b-ball practice. This episode is about how everyone is dealing with Quentin's sudden and tragic death.

There is a scene between the two coaches for the HS team, Lucas and Skills that just touches my heart as a bereaved mother. Then, the scene between the resident tots on the show - Dre and Jamie who are adorable in their scene and their dialogue. But, the scene that stole the show and is getting snide reviews from the anti-Christ crowd is the scene between Quentin's mother, Denise, and the teachers and coaches from the high school. Where the character boldly credits her strength and her hope to be in Jesus Christ. Yes, she said those words, Jesus Christ. And this was not even on TBN. The final dialogue I highlighted is a monologue that is read over the episode written by a new, troubled teen who has moved to Tree Hill, Sam. She writes the paper as an assignment from one of the teachers, Hayley James Scott, for dealing with what they are feeling about Quentin's death.

So... With that said, I will leave you with this week's Tree Hill dialogue snippets that just blessed me to no end as I cried through the entire episode.
. Between the High School Coaches:
Lucas: He has a little brother, he has parents
Skills: How does a mother ever breathe again?
. The New Girl who writes about Quentin:
Sam: Quentin Fields was a basketball player. He was also a son. A brother. Somebody’s teammate. Somebody’s friend. I never knew Quentin Fields and I guess now I never will. Did you ever wonder what it would be like if you weren’t you anymore? If you were suddenly gone how would your world react? Whatever you imagined was wrong. There’s nothing romantic about death. Grief is like the ocean: it’s deep and dark and bigger than all of us. And pain is like a thief in the night. Quiet. Persistent. Unfair. Diminished by time and faith and love. I didn’t know Quentin Fields but I’m jealous of him because I see how his absence has affected the people that did know him so I know that he did matter to them. And I know he was loved. People say Quentin Fields was a great basketball player. Graceful. Fluid. Inspiring. They say on a good night it almost seemed as though he could fly. And now he can.
.The Five Year Olds...
Andre: Quentin was my brother.
Jamie: Quentin was my friend. I’m making him a cape. (Jamie takes Quentin's cape to the funeral and drapes it over the coffin after the funeral service.)
.THE BEST SCENE ON TELEVISION for Monday, September 15, 2008!
Denise (to Lucas): I wanted to thank you for standing up for my boy the way you did in that last game. It’s a shame that we have to meet like this.
Lucas: Yes, ma’am, it is.
Denise: Coach Taylor, Quentin always had so many nice things to say about you. And you too, Nathan. I really appreciate you boys coming here. But I mostly wanted to say thank you to this one. My son has always loved basketball but the day I can tell you, the day I came home and found him reading a book, it about gave me a heart attack. He said, Mommy, Mrs. James-Scott, she don’t play. She almost as bad as you are. I realize that you are all trying to help him live up to the greatness God gave him and you should be proud of that.
Haley: You’re strength is inspiring.
Denise: My strength is from Jesus Christ. I am going to miss my baby boy for the rest of this life but I know we are going to see him again and our faith will see us through.
Kudos Tree Hill writers and "Denise" actress for writing and playing this role so authentic. And, the name of the Lord was lifted up. You took a risk and I think it was a blessing to many.

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