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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Proud Grandparents...

This is Mutt. He joined our family last night.

This is our Grandson. He arrived last night at about 7:30 PM to become a new member of this Bentham Household to a delighted mother and with great fanfare. Mutt has been the pet of my husband's ex-father-in-law, Reese. As I wrote in our Family Picture post, Reese passed away just before Christmas. Mutt needed a new home.

Enter Taylor. Last fall, Taylor convinced my husband to allow her to get a puppy. She wanted to be a Doggy Mommy so badly she was willing to have them shipped in from Africa if she had to... (I know that sounds like a joke... But it is true!) We learned just after Reese died that Mutt might be in need of a home. Taylor called Scott's son Travis and expressed her willingness to adopt the little grey beard Heinz 57 mix. At that time, it looked like Mutt had found another home with Reese's brother. So... Once again, Tay-Tay was left disappointed.

Does she look like a Proud Momma to you?

I returned home from my support group meeting (not much of a group with me as leader and one other person attending - but we truly did Business with the Lord last night.) And there was our boy roaming the backyard with Pappy at the door. He came in followed me around while I did a few things in the kitchen and then he hopped up in my lap straight away. He is a bit melancholy - missing Reese, but we are just so excited to have him in our home.
A couple of nights ago Rebeca, Travis and Megan's Mother, called to ask if we would still like to adopt Mutt. The answer was "Of Course we would." So last night, Mutt, Travis, Megan, and their little sister Chelsea as well as Uncle Randy, Aunt Debbie and Rebeca all came over to drop off this sweet little mister.

He is perhaps around four years old. He has been in four homes in the last month and is at the very least, confused. He is a dog in mourning but of good temperment and this morning he was sleeping on the foot of Momma's bed.

He is quite the sad little mister right now, but we are hoping that soon he will be quite thrilled to be in our home. He is delightful, loving and especially cute...

Grammy loves little Mutt... Oh Yes She Does... Grammy Loves Him!

Anybody know a good book on Doggy Grief?



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luvmy4sons said...

He looks an awful lot like a Scotty! He sure is a cutie. It won't take him long with all that love to be a happy doggie!

Michelle V said...

Oh, how sweet! I don't know about doggy grief, but I think lots of love will get him through. He probably just needs to get into a routine and stay there for a good while.


Kay said...

Awww..he's a cutie patootie. I hope he settles in soon.

LisaShaw said...

How adorable!!! He needs a lot of hugs, kisses and stubility right now because dogs do grieve in their own way.

I pray the best for all of you.

Remain pressing in with your small group. Bless you.