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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pink Impact... Let the Pinking Begin!

At Gateway Church we are redefining Pink! Women of Gateway are reclaiming their femininity and walking in our calling as the women God has called us to be. This year PINK IMPACT is all about our "AND THEN..." Moments.
Tonight we heard a practical, necessary and quite humorous message from Holly Wagner. Holly and her husband co-pastor the Oasis Christian Center in Los Angeles, CA. She is amazingly funny and fabulously relational. I loved her instantly and laughed my fool head off. (Not really, still have head in tack, though my neck often feels like a toothpick... Maybe I should see the doctor. Or, someone could let all this hot air out of my head!)Here's you a little sample of Holly for yourself:

Holly called us as women to take our position as Adult Daughters of the King. She further defined this role in this way: As a young daughter of the King, we go to our Daddy and say I need, and He meets our need because He loves us. But as His adult daughters we go to Him and say, Father, What would You have me do for You today? (Resonating? ANYBODY? ANYBODY?)
She went on to talk about how sometimes this role as an adult daughter of the King requires us to fight. She said some battles we choose, and others choose us. Either way the key to taking our place in our Father's plan and purpose for this time and season in History is to do two things:
1. Make a decision to rise. She said God really first spoke this to her through Proverbs 31:15... She then said after she read it she stapled that chapter of her Bible shut. She said... UH-UH. I do my best sleeping at night. But later, God required her to go back and study it so she had to take the staples out. But, anyway. She said that when the struggles and the crises come that its okay for us to be devestated, emotional and even a little caught off guard, AND THEN... (are you listening for it...) Then we make a decision to rise... rise in your marriage and fight for your marriage - not against your spouse (How many of us would have a better marriage if we figured this out?)Rise in your parenting to overcome what is hard... Rise to overcome the tragedy you are facing - the death of a loved one, loss of job, divorce, poverty... What are you willing to fight for?
She said you have to learn to fall down and get back up right away! Rise up even when you don't want to...
2. Recognize you are a part of His team. You are not alone. Each one of us is gifted and talented in different ways, and when we value our differences rather than criticize or envy them... We find ourselves in the unique position of working side by side to fulfill the purposes of God. We should do our own job, not seek to do someone else's. We must learn to understand, value and encourage one another and our differences. She said, quite frankly... I DON'T NEED WHAT YOU HAVE! Use what God has given YOU! Do what He sent you here to DO! She also said, if you get off track... well consider this. God has given us a specific purpose and journey to walk out. And if we stay on track the goal is to get to heaven and hear Jesus say, Well Done. But, if we get off doing the path we think we want to run in our lives... What if when we get to heaven God says, "What are you doing here?" What are you doing here? Ever ask yourself that question? Learn to appreciate your specific servant assignment. You've got one.

We should also remember that we are not called to make people over into our image. God made each of us just how He wanted us to be. Just Do It. (I know that's a Nike slogan... but it is so this message.) The goal is a Kingdom Culture where every part of the body is dependent on the other parts of the body to accomplish the purpose God has called forth the church of this era to complete. Differences make us interesting and stronger. Let's learn to value our differences.
Holly Wagner heads up a terrific ministry called GOD CHICKS. Check her out and get more info HERE. I'll be Blogging More Pink tomorrow. Can't wait. Dr. Marilyn Hickey is speaking two session tomorrow. WHOO HOOO!
Speaking of Dr. Hickey... I need to google her and find out where she ministers globally... I got a Pink Survey to finish filling out so I can win an I-Pod Touch. Oh, I want one! Yes, I do.
YOU CAN WATCH PINK IMPACT at Tomorrow's session times are 10 AM, 1:30 PM with Marilyn Hickey and 7 PM with Robert Morris at the NRH Campus. That's where I will be. I believe Holly Wagner will be delivering her messages at the Southlake Campus tomorrow. You can watch either.... Check it out. Be Blessed. STOP.

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luvmy4sons said...

Some good stuff. What a blessing for you! It is so important to remember who we are in Christ positionally!